Boost your wellness business metrics

Led by a former pro hockey player and sports performance center founder, we provide go-to-market solutions integrating science and business acumen to power your wellness business metrics.


Subject Matter Expertise

PowerPlayGTM provides subject matter expertise to educate customers with science-based strategies to optimize their wellness, combining scientific research with business expertise to help them achieve maximum results.

<span>Subject Matter Expertise</span>

Go-to-market solutions

Our go-to-market solutions are tailored to the wellness industry. We understand this field's unique challenges and opportunities and provide customized strategies to help you succeed.

Go-to-market solutions

Propel your metrics sky-high

With PowerPlayGTM, you can propel your wellness business metrics sky-high. Our proven methods and expertise will help you achieve significant growth and success.

Propel your metrics sky-high

"Succeeding in the wellness space takes passion, a drive to succeed, and specific go-to-market expertise. I'd love to discuss your business goals and challenges with you to see how we can collaborate to help you achieve them."

Sean O'Brien

What we can accomplish

Custom Go-to-Market Playbook

A playbook tailored to integrate wellness modalities and targeted at both athletic and general wellness audiences.

Pipeline Boost

Deploy strategies to identify and secure high-value deals

Local Athlete Partnerships & Community Outreach Programs

Establish collaborations with top local athletes and create scalable community events

High-Performance Team Building

Assemble and train a highly effective sales and wellness staff.

KPI-Driven Action Plans

Develop and implement KPI-driven action plans based on critical business metrics

Transform your business into a community and financial powerhouse.